Sunday, January 1, 2012

You Are Here

   I must admit, I am terrible with directions. I often meet new people and tell them right up front that I am "geographically impaired". I don't want anyone to have higher expectations of me than what I am capable of. Do not ask me how to get to wherever you are going. I will not be able to even remotely point you in the right direction. It's that bad.
   I even have trouble with those big store maps in the mall that try to be helpful by pasting on a little square that says, "You Are Here". They do not help me in the least because I can never tell where "Here" is. I stand there trying to look at it upside down because I am sure that their "Here" is looking at the stores from the east instead of the west. Or maybe it's the north instead the south.
   What I CAN tell you is that YOU have arrived HERE. "Come to My Rescue" even has an address!  This is an historical moment, friends. At no other time in all my years on earth has it ever been safe to "follow" me anywhere. No telling where we would end up.
   But here and now I am officially inviting you to follow me as I use my voice in written form to bring hope to those who are in need of RESCUE. I am not the Rescuer, not by a long shot. In fact, I am an expert on the process of BEING rescued. God is the One who I have learned is the ultimate Lifeguard, and and I.....are the means by which He chooses to throw the rope; to someone next door, a total stranger across the ocean, or a life ring with your name on it. 
   I would be completely honored to have you join me on this journey of hope. I know without a doubt that I am not meant to go it alone. That together we are going to encourage each other and be a part of His life at a time.