Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Place God Calls You

   I enjoy being able to interact with the authors of some of the blogs I follow. Those are my favorites; the ones where I feel like I am stopping by for a cup of coffee, a few laughs, or a chance to share my heart on whatever topic is swirling around for that particular day. Sometimes a thought they have shared hits so close to home in my own life that I am compelled to stop and comment. To let them know that I know exactly where they are coming from, or that their words shook something loose inside of me, bringing me to a place I never expected to go.                                            And sometimes the message speaks so personally to me that I am unable to respond publicly. I would be revealing too much if I expressed my thoughts in the comment section. But I leave that place knowing that God had something to say, and I am always in awe that He would speak at all. To me. At that moment. Just what I needed to hear.
   Many times I will visit a blog and not really read what is written. I'm scanning for content that interests me, and I'm almost always in a hurry or have one or two kids needing me to save them from some imminent crisis....which always ends up being not a crisis at all. Or the phone is ringing, the dog needs out for a pee NOW, and supper is quickly becoming a three alarm fire. I know you know where I'm coming from.
   So my invitation is simply for you to feel at home here. To freely leave comments when you have something to say and duck out unnoticed if you'd rather stay under the radar.
   I am convinced that we were each created by God with eyes to recognize a particular need and a heart to want to do something about it. Think about the vast scope of suffering and pain and loss that is present in every corner of your life and in the world at large. Everywhere you look, someone needs help. We ask,  "Where is God?" And I say, look in the mirror.                                                                  
    You will find that my particular eyes and heart are drawn to those who are living without hope and those who believe the lie that they don't God......or to anyone. And I am always on the lookout for the one who is lonely, or hungry, or lost. Especially if they are a child. For if there is ever a time to step up and speak up for someone, it is while they are young. Children are small, vulnerable, and often voiceless. If you happen to stumble across a little one in need, well then, be the answer to their prayer. Be the face of God and act. This is the heart of what God calls me to do and I cannot change it anymore than I can change my short toes. Your call may be completely different than mine and you most likely have longer toes than I do. But if each of us responds....

   "The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet." -Frederick Beuchner-

 Where is that place for you?
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