Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Can Sleep Now

 ***UPDATE***  Erick Has Been Sponsored!! By A Man!! Thanking God for His Perfect Timing...           1/13/2012
   I have fallen in love with more Kenyan children in the past two weeks than I have all year long. It's dangerous for me to go on the Compassion website and look at all the kids up for sponsorship. Their faces tell a story, as do the clothes that they wear. It's never the full story, but I read what's there. I want them to have what my own sponsored children have; someone to write them letters and remind them constantly that they matter. That they are not just one of millions of needy children, but that they are THE one, chosen and loved and thought of on a daily basis.
   But of course I can't choose them all. And even if I could it wouldn't be right. Someone else would miss out on a relationship that God had intended for THEM.....not me.
   I am more than convinced that God is involved in matching waiting children with their new sponsor. And this little boy from Kenya belongs to someone.....maybe one of you.

   The picture is a little grainy, but it's pretty obvious that he is hungry. His name is Erick and he lives with his mother and six brothers and sisters in Mahaya in western Kenya, an area that is overwhelmed by aids orphans and is very, very poor. He turned seven on October 6.
   If your heart is stirred and you feel God calling you to rescue Erick from the lie that he is "just another poor, African boy", then by all means click the link above to respond to that call.
   I was determined when I published this blog not to overwhelm my readers with a parade of Compassion children needing a sponsor. I have been fighting the notion to post Erick on here for two days now. I lost that fight tonight and made myself sit down to share his face with you. I can sleep now.......
   Don't hesitate to ask me questions about Compassion International or for sponsorship details!
    Up next: The Challenge; To Eat What My Sponsored Children in Africa Eat.......For 40 Days.