Monday, April 30, 2012

From Kenya, With Love

   I had to share with you the letter that arrived in my mailbox today from Elizabeth, my eight year old Compassion girl from Kenya. Having just met her about a month ago, she told me then that she had just sent a letter to me before being told that I was coming all the way from America to see her. So I've been expecting this one!
   Here are a few of the highlights:
   Elizabeth says that she loves getting my letters and that it is always nice to hear from me. She prays that I would never lack in anything. (Amen to that one!)
   She says that she loves school very much and she loves her teachers, too! She considers herself "blessed to have such an opportunity to study." She was promoted to grade three and she says, "I promise to work very hard." (I always encourage her to give school her best effort.)  Elizabeth asks me to pray that she will always understand what her teachers are teaching her.
   In my last letter I had sent her pictures and stories about penguins. So she said, "It was so interesting to read about the penguins. They are lovely creatures. We have a lot of wild animals in my country's game reserves. Have you ever seen hippos, giraffes, lions and gazelles?"
   "You have always been a blessing to me and my family!"
   She writes incredibly well for an eight year old with only a few mistakes highlighted by the translator. And of course it is written in English, so no translation was necessary. 

   The best part was yet to come. Stapled inside of a separate sheet of paper were four photos of Elizabeth and her family. 

This one is of Elizabeth in an adorable dress holding something that I can't identify. 
This one is of her with one of her cousins who lives with her.
Here she is showing me what she was able to purchase with a family gift I sent to her. A new school bag, several blankets, new shoes and a mattress!

  And my favorite picture of all. Elizabeth with another cousin and her grandparents! I love it! The girl's smiles make their eyes sparkle and the old man with his cane and grandma with her skirt and matching head wrap make the photo extra special.

Extra photos are always treasured from our Compassion children as they offer us a real glimpse into their lives and their families. These pictures, for me, are worth more than anything and are the best gift I could ever hope to receive. Thank you, Elizabeth!