Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Select This Child"

  ****Emmaculate has a new sponsor! Thank you Scott, for taking this step to change a little girl's life!***

 Another little girl on the Compassion website has my full attention. And once again, there is nothing in particular that stands out on this child, except that I keep coming back to her. That little face interrupts my sleep at night and then during the day her name persistently travels across the landscape of my thoughts.


    She is seven years old. Born in Kenya on September 17th, she lives with her mother and father and two siblings. She helps her mother in the kitchen and delights in playing ball games. She lives in the mountainous community of Ngusishi where the monthly wage is around 25 dollars. Her diet consists of maize and beans and she most likely sleeps on a dirt floor.
    My photo is not very clear, but you can follow this link and see her full profile on the Compassion website. From there you can "Select This Child" and begin a relationship with her that will change her story in so many ways.....including the story of her parents, siblings and even extended family members. Your sponsorship enables Compassion to provide for her physical, emotional, spiritual and educational needs. It's 38 dollars a month. I spend that much on Walmart brand coffee and creamer....easily. Sometimes it helps, to not think about an extra monthly bill, but to recognize how easily we spend money on simple comforts.
   I pray that she captures someone's heart soon. And I know that I have followed God's leading to offer her here on Come To My Rescue.