Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This Could Be A Problem


   I have a certain amount of anxiety for the impending yet long-awaited trip to Kenya. Bet you can't guess which aspect of this journey has my stomach churning.

   I had to sign on the dotted line allowing Compassion to negotiate for my release in case of kidnapping.
   I've been warned not to set foot outside after sunset, especially with my glow-in-the-dark-white-woman's-face.
   And the warnings are loud and clear on NOT drinking the water or going barefoot. Parasites and other unidentified creepy-crawlies will take over my digestive system if I get lazy and even brush my teeth in Kenyan tap water.
   You all know I'm completely directionless, so the possibilitiy of me getting on the wrong plane and ending up in Australia isn't as remote as you might think.
   Plus flying OVER the DEEP ocean in the DARK for so many HOURS kinda makes the hair on the back of my neck sizzle.
   And how will I identify what kind of meat is on my plate? I don't mind eating a bit of monkey or zebra butt, but I really don't want to spend the bulk of my trip in the latrine trying to read the Nairobi news in Swahili.(They told me to bring my own roll, and I will, but I'm hoping it will stay in my backpack.)

  So I'll tell you what has me a tad concerned.

It's that small, crowded, confined space I will be stuck in for over 14 hours one way. I don't do crowds very well. And I like a lot of personal space. These are BIG planes made for LOTS of people. You won't hear me complain out loud, but you might see me sweat. On an airplane, there is nowhere to go, and for hours on end this could be a problem for me. I need a way of escape and the only way out is DOWN.

  I'm no wimp, though. My levels for pain and discomfort run pretty high. Come H-E-double toothpick or high water, I'm headed to Africa and no foot worm or robbery at machete point will deter me. As for the trapped feeling on the plane, I plan to knock myself out with some Tylenol PM and hope to be unconscious for the majority of the flight. A window seat doesn't help, either. That only emphasizes that the EXIT sign is completely useless. It's going to be a LONG flight.

   I never SEARCH for kids to point out to you guys. You have to trust me on that one. But I do stumble across ones that I feel the need to publish and set before you with the opportunity for sponsorship. God has done some incredible pairing of children with a new sponsor this way and I am highly honored to have a small part in it.

   So may I introduce you to a little boy in Kenya who was born on October 19 and is four years old. His name is Caleb, which is a pretty awesome name, and he lives in Embu with his mother. Picture this little guy doing his chores, which includes carrying water and gathering firewood.

   Our Compassion Tour will take us directly to Embu where we will stay for four days of ministry and learning. I have in my possesion a Nike soccer ball and air pump which I would love to give to Caleb on your behalf if you choose to sponsor him.

   I'll keep you posted on my pre-flight anxiety and welcome any and all tips on how to keep calm. Thanks for reading!!!!