Sunday, February 19, 2012

Compassion To The Rescue

   The fantastic part of being an Advocate for Compassion International is that once I match a waiting child with a new sponsor, I often get the privilege of reading their letters and seeing the pictures and drawings sent by the kids. New sponsors love to show me the latest incoming mail and I enjoy the letters almost as much as the ones from my own sponsored kids!

   This is exactly how I learned of Jeremy's story and I do have permission to share it!

   Jeremy is five years old and lives in the Dominican Republic, a place I have been to on a missions trip back in my college days. (A long time ago. I do not want to put in writing how many years ago that was.) Beautiful country and equally beautiful children.

   Last year, as an Advocate, I had Jeremy's packet in my possession and was looking for a sponsor for him. A woman at my church scooped him up without even a second glance at his information. She had no preferences...boy or girl, any age, any country.

   She's been getting lots of letters from Jeremy, sometimes two a month! His teachers help him to put it all down on paper and he draws animals  and also stick figures of his family.

   A few weeks ago she received a letter and two pictures. Compassion learned that Jeremy has had heart trouble since birth, but the parents did not offer this information when they registered him with CI. Jeremy needed open heart surgery and Compassion connected him with a team of foreign doctors who came to the country to do specialized operations on children who could otherwise not afford it.

   The surgery was a success and he is now back in school, with Compassion supporting the family and paying for Jeremy's medications.

  I love this story because it demonstrates the value of one life and the difference you are making when you come alongside Compassion and sponsor a child. Not all of the stories are this dramatic, but probably many of them are more life-changing than we will ever know. 

   Here's another boy from the Dominican Republic waiting for someone like you. His name is Dino!

Go HERE to read more about him and click "Select This Child" if you would love make him a part of your family!