Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Chapter All Its Own

****This Is THE Fastest Update EVER! Jumaa Has A Sponsor! Thank you Diane!!****

 If our family had its own history timeline on the wall or in a book, these past few weeks would get a room or a chapter all its own.

I'm not complaining....just making a list. You know I adore lists......

1. It's the hottest week of the century (for May) and our central air DIED. Which means I died along with it.

2. Our main computer refuses to let anyone log on, a direct result of Caleb playing one too many online Lego Battles, and so the entire household needs MY laptop for their surfing pleasure. My mother taught me to share but I have always been a slow learner.

3. During the hottest week of the year with no central air, we decide to shampoo the rugs AND relocate two kids to new sleeping quarters. PLUS we painted a room and moved furniture, which unearthed a lot of dirt that needed to be vanquished.

4. Lightening then took out our phone and our internet. It honestly felt like I had washed up onto a deserted island with no hope of rescue for at least TWO DAYS.

5. My son, Spencer, is graduating from high school this Saturday and I could not find the cap that went with his gown anywhere. I finally found it amidst all the moving and shuffling of rooms, and carefully placed it where I would be able to find it easily.


I have no idea where that carefully chosen place is anymore. I'll be lucky just to tuck the kids into the right beds tonight.

6. That same son caught a bunch of fish (of some sort) from the pond and used my kitchen AND my cutting board to hack them up, fry them up and eat them up. My house still smells like a bait shop.

7. I did make a double batch of chocolate fudge brownies, which helped. I was going to give up eating chocolate, but I'm no quitter.

  On the Compassion home front, it looks like a sponsor for 11 year-old Prisca has come forward just in time! I am so incredibly happy for her and so honored to have a part in matching a child with their new hero.

  Twelve year old Jumaa from Kenya is waiting, waiting, waiting. I MUST turn his packet back in to Compassion tomorrow so that he can be put back into the system to continue to search for his sponsor. He is a thin boy with a look of doubt on his face and he lives with his farming parents and seven siblings. Average wage is 14 dollars a month. So if his face and profile stir your heart in some way......let me know! And hurry! June 1st, 6pm EST at the latest. Thank you!

Today is also the deadline for the library books for the project in Kenya that I visited while in the country in March. Another 60 dollars can be added to what you see on the chip in button, so we are up to 900 dollars. We almost made it to a thousand and I am really surprised....humbled.....grateful.......and proud of you! Some very generous and big hearted friends I have. You can read about this GROWING library here if you missed it! And I'm really not sure how to thank you all adequately. These books are going to benefit these children for YEARS to come. They LOVE learning, and yet the poverty that they live in day to day means that learning is a huge challenge. Thank you for clearing some rocks and planting some flowers for their road ahead.