Saturday, March 24, 2012

Out of Africa

   So much for blogging my heart out on this African adventure. For starters, our schedule is incredibly full and once we have a moment to spare, we either hand wash a few articles of our clothing or fall straight into bed from exhaustion. Also, the internet service is hit or miss and I've had trouble connecting on most of my attempts. Pictures refuse to load, so we shall see what happens here.
   Africa is everything I dreamed it would be and so much more. My first glimpse of a Compassion child on our first day nearly stopped my heart. She was the poster child of my heart's desire and the "yes" from God to my lifelong dream. It's been surreal, to look these people in the eye and see my image reflected there.
   I will walk you through each of our incredible days once I get home. Every day has been a totally different experience, from the culture shock of Maassi Land, to the unimaginable city slums and on to the equally destitute rural villages. The road to one center was about ten miles long, but took us at least 50 minutes to reach our destination.
   I know you are all waiting for the details and especially the pictures!  Here's a few to get you started...